Friday, September 20, 2013

Think Tank Photo Large Lens & Mindshift Gear Special Offers

Think Tank Photo Glass Taxi
Think Tank Photo Glass Taxi

Using a long lens for sideline shooting or birding this fall?  My friends at Think Tank Photo just announced a special offer on their two long lens backpacks, the Glass Taxi and the Glass Limo.  Should you order one of these backpacks between now and September 30th, you can select to receive for free from among the following lens cases and pouches:  a Slim Changer, Lens Changer 25 V2.0, Lens Changer 50 V2.0, Lens Changer 75 Pop Down V2.0, or a Strobe Stuff.  When you place your order, a popup will show the Free Gift options.

The Glass Taxi holds up to a 500mm f/4 lens, 300mm f/2.8 lens with DSLR attached, or a DSLR with 70-200 attached with hood in position. I was one of my first and long time favorite bags until I got my Streetwalker Pro.

Think Tank Photo Glass Limo for up to 800mm f/5.6
Think Tank Photo Glass Limo for up to 800mm f/5.6

The Glass Limo carries up to an 800 f/5.6, 600 f/4.0 unattached or a  500 f/4 with Pro body attached,  or an 800 5.6 with aftermarket neoprene lens cap , or a 200 - 400 f/4 with Pro body attached, or a standard pro kit with pro DSLR and 5-8 lenses.

I recently stuffed a 200-400mm into my Streetwalker HardDrive bag, but I think this bag might offers another choice for big lens shooters.  

Both backpacks are designed to hold these heaviest of lenses with stability and comfort. I can attest to this too because I’ve carried as much as 40 lbs in my Glass Taxi all day at a Formula One race, but it was comfortable (as 40lbs of gear can be <g>) and held up great.

Mindshift Gear Giveaway Kit
Mindshift Gear Giveaway Kit (my review)

My friends at Think Tank Photo also just alerted me to a fun promotion their sister company, outdoor backpack company MindShift Gear, just announced.  MindShift is sponsoring free, on-fire random drawing called “Pack It In” where one lucky winner scores a rotation180° Professional Deluxe backpack loaded with cool covetable stuff, such as a Wimberley Head, an REI gift card, a Camelbak hydration bladder, and more. Here's your chance to score this mega-prize package valued in excess of $1,100!

Click here to enter the giveaway contest!

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Jeff said...

The Mindshift looks interesting. How does one enter the drawing?

Anonymous said...

Went to mindshift website, couldn't see details for the give away. Where can I find more info ? said...

Jeff & Anonymous,

The link is - it seems that I somehow accidentally deleted the link paragraph before I published the article and didn't notice.

Thanks for the report and sorry for the delay!