Monday, February 24, 2014

2014 Training & Workshop Opportunities

Ron teaching a student at a hands on workshop in Seattle

(Photo courtesy of Mike Wiebe – a former student)

2013 was a busy year so I had to limit my training opportunities to private 1-on-1 training only, but I’m considering adding the following training options in 2014 based on your feedback:

  1. One Day Seattle Workshops – Photography hands on from 9:00 AM til Sunset with myself and at least one assistant like I’ve done before . Here’s some examples of past workshops: Location: Seattle, WA
    Cost: $395 (limit 8 students)
  2. Weekend Workshop with a Famous Pro – This would be in New York or San Francisco with a top pro photographer with over 30 years experience shooting celebrities, magazine covers, and more.
    Location: New York or San Francisco
    Cost: TBD/Very expensive (limit 5 students)
  3. Understanding Your Camera Course – This would be a 90 minute course each week for 4 weeks where we go over the basics of metering, exposure, focus modes, shooting modes, lens selection, flash basics, and more.
    Location: Bellevue, WA
    Cost: $250 (limit 10 students)
  4. Lightroom Workflow Course – This would be a 90 minute course each week for 4 weeks where we cover importing photos into the Library module, mastering the Library module (i.e., keywording, collections, etc…), using the Develop Module, Plug-ins/Photoshop interaction and Exporting. Time permitting it may touch on the basics of Printing as well.
    Location: Bellevue, WA
    Cost: $250 (limit 10 students)
  5. Photoshop Basics - This would be a 90 minute course each week for 4 weeks where we literally start from square #1 with selections, layers, layer mask, brush techniques, etc… This would be designed for those who are at a complete loss in Photoshop and who find all the resources to be too advanced. By the end of the course you will know how to do basic photo editing techniques.
    Location: Bellevue, WA
    Cost: $250 (limit 10 students)
  6. Asia Travel Photography Photo Walk – This would be tailored to the needs & desires of the students, but this would be a scaled back version of my Seattle workshop so that part of the day could be with the group and part of the day the students would be free to enjoy their vacation as they see fit. We would meet at the location and travel arrangements would be up to the student. We would gather for one or more tourist attractions and discuss shooting options, camera settings, I’d offer real-time feedback and recommendations.
    Location: Kyoto, Japan; Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, Korea; or Hong Kong
    Cost: TBD (limit 5 students)
  7. Online Training – Online version of my Understanding Your Camera, Lightroom Workflow, or Photoshop Basics courses. This would be live via GoToMeeting with live video and screen sharing for up to 20 students. In addition to the 90 minute course, there would be a 30 minute open Q&A session. Recording would be prohibited.Location: Online – evenings
    Cost: $195 (limit 20 students)

Contact me if you are interested in any of these opportunities, private one on one training, a simple portfolio review, or if there is an offering you would like that is not listed.

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