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Pro Photo of the Week: David Rubinger Portrait by Vincent Versace

Copyright (c) Vincent Versace - All Rights Reserved
Copyright (c) Vincent Versace - All Rights Reserved

Nikon D800 160 sec at f/5, ISO 2000 at 130mm (Nikon 70-200mm f/4G ED VR)

This is another image from the unfortunately too brief "photo shoot" of the photographer David Rubinger. I had the opportunity to photograph him at Palm Beach Photographic Workshop's FotoFusion an annual week long photo instruction event.

What I can say to best describe the experience of seeing his work at the Centre's museum gallery, is that the level of the cleanness of his eye. That level of clarity of a moment  what you aspire to. I hope some day to "see" half as well as he does.

Every time We would head to the studio someone would stop him and ask him a question and then he'd answer it and tell a story that you did not want to miss hearing.... Then you were late to your next class and you were walking into a room of students wondering where the teach was.

Another thing to consider, if you are as hooked on digital Infra Red photography as I am, is that this image was captured on a D800 at 2000 ISO. The behavior of the sensor is what is extraordinarily interesting.

The noise that should be occurring at 2000 ISO on that camera prints like it was shot on super fine grain film. But digital level, not analog level (film), of sharpness. Which means they are sharper as well as exhibiting significantly better Bokeh than film.

I am not sure what that actually means, it is a new observation. I would never have thought to boost the ISO on that particular camera that high. For a lot of reasons. So as soon as my new studio goes on line this month it's something I will experiment with. I hope to do an eBook on what I have learned over the past 9 years of shooting Infra Red digitally.

Last week’s portrait is the one he liked. This is the one I liked.

Vincent Versace

Technical Details

This image was captured with a Nikon D800 modified to shoot infrared using the "Super" Enhanced Color conversion from

The image was recorded to a 128GB Lexar 1000 speed UDMA flash card.

The image was first processed in Nikon Capture NX2 then further post processed using Photoshop CC Color Efex Pro 4.0 and Silver Efex Pro 2 from the  Nik Collection by Google.

Lighting was a combination of two Westcott Skylux LED lights and a Westcott Sunlight Reflectors.

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