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REVIEW: Athentech Perfectly Clear 2.0 (DISCOUNT OFFER)

*** NEW version 3.5 Review ***

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While I enjoy editing photos, the sad reality is that it just takes too long to put my loving touch on every photo. As a result I have hundreds of thousands of photos that have never seen the light of day (much to my wife's chagrin) due to lack of time needed to make them look the way I want them to look before anyone else sees them. This self defeating practice of image hording is common amongst photographers, and despite great products like Lightroom and Topaz ReStyle which can greatly decrease the time required to make your images look great – the reality is that it always take longer than we admit to others.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a product that could do a very good job for a majority of our photos with as little as one click?

The promise of one click greatness has been promised for a long time but I’ve never seen any product deliver on it. What’s more, my images are my art so I want my finishing touches so how could any respectable photographer trust software to do this critical part of the creative process for them?

I’m here to tell you that the day has arrive where you have a new tool to add to your editing arsenal that will make your unedited images look great while still giving your edited images that extra oomph to make them look better. That product is Perfectly Clear and it rocks!

Here’s a common example of a shot that looks good straight out of the camera but it jumps off the screen (or print) when you do a one click edit with the details preset:

One click fix in seconds with the Details Preset

This preset works well for most images which allows you plow trough tons of old images quickly to make them look great. In fact, Photoshop’s Ctrl+F / Cmd+F features lets you replay back the last filter you ran for zero click editing of images that can use your last preset settings.

Simply put, this is a game changer folks so I encourage you to check out my video and try it out. A free trial is available so if you don’t like it then you’ve lost nothing, but I suspect people who take the time to learn it will find they love it – a lot.

Have you tried it before and hated it? Me too! If so, try it again as this latest version is the one that finally got it right – and it is very good!

Video Demonstration on 8 Images

This product works so well so quickly that it is easier to just show you than to write a lot about what it does. If you have a minute at least watch the first couple minutes of this video to see Perfectly Clear in action:

As the demo shows, this is the fastest and easiest way to make your images look great in seconds. I highly recommend you try it out (at least via the Free Trial version).

User Interface

Athentech Imaging Perfectly Clear User Interface
Athentech Imaging Perfectly Clear User Interface

This product is about as simple as it gets. You simply load it from Photoshop or Lightroom and choose a preset. The big squares are the ones provided with the product and the dropdown list below are these plus ones that you have optionally created by making changes on the Adjustment panel shown below:

Athentech Imaging Perfectly Clear Adjust Panel
Adjust Panel

Often times it is one click and you are done as you’ll see in the samples in the next section, but sometimes (as shown in my video) you need to make a few adjustments. You can make your adjustments and be done or you can take a moment to create a new preset with them, but either way you don’t spend much time in this UI.

Simply put, it just works!

More Before and After Samples

One click fix in seconds with the Landscape Preset

Landscape preset with minor adjustments

One click fix in seconds with the Landscape Preset

Beautify+ Preset with minor adjustments

Beautify+ Preset with minor adjustments

NOTE: Effects exaggerated to show possibilities – less garish looks possible with simple adjustments

Landscape preset is great for sunset shots

Raccoon Eyes Preset

Dehaze preset gives images that "wow" look in one click

Animated Gif / Before & After Beautify Preset (no sharpening) - COPYRIGHT Ron Martinsen - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Edited Image enhanced by Perfectly Clear
Animated GIF Before & After
Beautify Preset (no sharpening)
NOTE: Some artifacts caused by 256 color GIF downrez


When I first heard about this product a few years back and tried to play around with it, I thought it was garbage. Its algorithms weren’t as mature as they are today so I felt like I needed more control over what it was doing. The product I’ve been using for the last month has worked on a large number of images I’ve thrown at it so I’ve began to trust it. In some cases it does make a mistake so I’ve learned to turn off settings which appear to have no effect as sometimes they can do something very unexpected (like red eye removal removing red from an area that isn’t an eye). It’s rare, but it does happen.

Aside from this one quirk, I’ve really become addicted to this product for those hundreds of thousands of images that I need to edit but will never get around to with my commercial photography workflow. I still need professional results as the edits represent my work to friends and family, but the ability to get great results quickly is pushing me harder than ever to get more things right in camera to speed up my workflow.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product as it really has changed my life. I find that I even try it out as a last step on images that I’ve painstakingly edited because it does such a great job at final highlight and shadow detail adjustments. I do often skip the sharpening unless its for a private family photo, but other than that I trust it.

Where to order at a discount

Click here to learn more about Perfectly Clear, try the free demo or purchase your copy today. The Photoshop and Lightroom versions are sold separately so either pick the product you use the most or take advantage of the special bundle pricing for both versions.

Upgrades are also available for users of previous versions.


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iOS Versions

While the best experience is on the desktop, while you are at for a few bucks more you can enjoy one click editing on your iOS Devices:

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Unknown said...

I just gave this a try (the Perfectly Clear Complete version). Again, nothing but problems. It fails differently depending on whether you try to launch it from an admin account, or a regular user account. Either way it fails. One says a DLL is missing, another says the trial expired (when I downloaded it just minutes earlier). I've never encountered such a high-maintenance piece of software before, but this was my last attempt at this software. Consider yourself lucky if you can get it running at all. said...

Hi Bob,

I'm sorry you have been having such trouble with Perfectly Clear. I've been forwarding your concerns to Athentech as I haven't been getting reports of people having trouble using the free trial so there's something unique to your configuration that they need to know about.

I get a lot of spam comments, so my apologies if your comments got mixed up with those.

I'm sorry it didn't work out for you as I get a lot of positive feedback via direct email of people who have really been glad to discover it.

Version 3 should be out soon so perhaps you can give that one a try to see if it sorts out the problem. Anyone who recently purchased version 2 will get a free upgrade, so if you fall into that camp then hopefully that will get you back on track.