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REVIEW: Athentech LUCiD 1.0 vs Perfectly Clear (Discount Offer)

LUCiD’s user interface is smooth and responsive, yet familiar to Perfectly Clear users

LUCiD is a stand-alone product designed for users who want simple one click photo editing with great results. At first that may seem like a snake oil salesman promise, but it’s true! Check out this video where I show how it does exactly that:

Beyond One Click

Simplified Adjustments, Crop and Save options are still possible

What if the one click enhancement isn’t exactly what you want? Well the good news is that there’s an Adjust panel that allows you to make some basic changes from what you get with the presets. If you find those still a little too limiting then you’ll want to check out the more advanced version called Perfectly Clear.

How is LUCiD different from Perfectly Clear?

Perfectly Clear is NOT a stand alone product as it’s is designed for integration with Lightroom and Photoshop where you’ll have things like RAW support, layers, healing brushes, etc…

Perfectly clear offers the same presets as LUCiD but it allows you to much more flexibly in the Adjust panel. Here’s a comparison of the two side by side:

Lucid (left) vs Perfectly Clear (right)
Lucid Adjustments Panel (left) vs Perfectly Clear (right)

LUCiD will not run as a plug-in to Photoshop or Lightroom  so if you want that functionality then you are going to need to get Perfectly Clear.  or just edit your photo in LUCiD’s stand alone UI (which supports JPG, TIF, PNG and BMP file formats – sorry, no RAW).

Perfectly Clear is for the geek who really wants more sliders to fiddle with for the ultimate in fine grain control AND the ability to create your own presets. For more info on how it works check out my Perfectly Clear review which includes a video tutorial as well.

Before and After Examples

If you didn’t watch the video then you missed out on some good before and after examples. Here’s a few:

One click fix in seconds with the Details Preset
+ Crop

One click fix in seconds with the Landscape Preset

Beautify+ Preset
Beautify+ Preset


This is a great product for beginners, but I think anyone with Lightroom and/or Photoshop would probably be better served to spend a little more to get Perfectly Clear. While the simplicity and batch processing support are nice, the limitations on the Adjust panel were just too limiting for me. Then again, I’m not the target demographic for this product either, so if you just want to focus on photography and want simple one click “auto” editing of your photos, then you will be quite happy.

Where to order

CLICK HERE to get a 10% discount applied – your cart should look like this

Click here to get my 10% discount and/or  learn more or order on the Athentech web site. See my Perfectly Clear review for a discount on it as well. Visit my discount coupon code page if you have any troubles with the discount in this article and to learn about other great deals.

iOS Versions

While the best experience is on the desktop, while you are at for a few bucks more you can enjoy one click editing on your iOS Devices:

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