Monday, April 4, 2016

DISCOUNT: Becoming An Artist by Trey Ratcliff (Video Series)

My friend Trey Ratcliff has come out with a new offering called Becoming an Artist that some of you might enjoy. Here’s a little video that explains what its about:

Copyright (c) Trey Ratcliff
Copyright (c) Trey Ratcliff

If you order Becoming an Artist – Season 1 you’ll get …

  • 14 episodes filled with inspirational stories, photo tips, and post-processing techniques
  • Bonus 15th episode only available when you buy the entire series
  • Trey’s RAW image files you can use to practice with
  • Free trial & tutorial for Aurora HDR Pro

Why - In Trey's own words

New! What’s the #1 Question I get? It’s not exactly about photography, which is surprising to me! But I do answer that #1 Q in the Just Released Episode 1! See episode Now on my Facebook at Discuss this Episode in Trey's Funky Lounge ( Notes from our amazing production team: In Episode 1, "The Accidental Creation of Me", Trey tells the whole story of how he came to be. He ends the show by showing the photos that will be worked on in all of the episodes in Season 1 and does a brief introduction of the tools he uses. Entirely shot in Africa, Trey wanted to do something totally different, something he had never done before. This series explores the answers to the following questions… “What is it like to become an artist?” “What is it like to find that creative self inside of you?” and for the practitioner: “How does take and post-process his photos?” Trey begins each episode with a very personal story. These might be strange stories from his childhood, embarrassing stories as a grown-up, or just weird stories about how he became an artist. You’ll hear how these stories emerged as life lessons which impacted his photography and art. The 15 episodes touch upon topics such as composition, color, light and inspiration. This series will not only show you lots of photography tips & tricks but will inspire you to take your art in bold, new, and interesting directions. Wanna see the Facebook LIVE show where we talk about this one? See

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Where to order (Special Offer)

Click here to learn more or order.

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