Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Canon shows off a 1Ds Mark IV photo at its EXPO in New York?

When looking at all of the photos that Canon had on display at the Expo, one photo by George Lepp stood out as being phenomenally good so naturally I walked closer to read the info card next to it. Much to my surprise, the camera listed was the Canon 1Ds Mark IV and the lens was the 100-400mm.

Click the photos above to go to Smugmug and view the full size JPEG’s (created in DPP 3.8.1 from the RAW). These images are straight out of camera with no editing to limit any arguing about about them being enhanced in any way. The 1Ds Mark IV is actually much more impressive in real life than what you see here as this was just a hand-held snapshot taken with a 1D Mark IV using a 24-105mm lens handheld at f/4.0 for 1/40 sec at ISO 320.

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dibss said...

I am having my doubts as to the whether this was taken with a version of the 1DsMKIV. The exif information is show a 1DMKIV and given that this body is a long way from hitting the streets I have my doubts that Canon would approve any test images being shown yet. I think the more likely explanation is that he made a typo on the display card where is says it was taken with the "s" series. Even the EXIF is showing a image/sensor size exactly the same size as the 1DmkIV. said...

Yes, I have no idea if it really is or not. I am only reporting what I saw. I can say it was an outstanding image and that Canon had the equipment available to correct this mistake if it was really a mistake, but they didn't.

There were plenty of items on display at the show that were unreleased and effectively unannounced products, so it's certainly possible it was an authentic image. Who knows, it could be an attempt to keep the viral advertising going as well.

The is no EXIF - there's only the EXIF of my camera (1DM4) taking a picture of a picture.