Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Future of Video from the Canon EXPO 2010

Without a doubt, the highlight of the EXPO this year were the stunning 30” 8 megapixel video displays which you have to see to appreciate. No photo can do it justice because the resolution of your display is a joke compared to what these things can do. However, just for fun I took snapshot of the display just to demonstrate how great the resolution is that it looks like I’m taking a photo of a print – not a moving video image. This is not a simulation – this is really taken from the display and you are seeing about 10% of the quality that you would in real life:

Here’s a little more about this display:

Here’s a table that defines 2k, 4k and 8k resolutions:

The bottom line here is that your HDTV seems like crap compared to this thing, and the video from it was just insane.

How do you get 8k images? With a 8k lens of course!

Multipurpose 4k Camera Concept

While I’m not sure if this will ever see the light of day, I do have to say it was a really cool design and interesting concept. Here’s a camera that work as both a DSLR and a Video Camera to give you drool-worthy 4K images:



Overall Canon had some great stuff to show on the video side of things. Just when I thought things couldn’t possibly get any better, they show this stuff and make me realize that I better start saving money now as this stuff is just too sweet not to get when it comes out!

About the Images in this Article

All of the images in this article were hand-held snapshots taken with a 1D Mark IV using a 24-105mm lens in front of and with the verbal consent of Canon employees. I was at the show on a press pass and told by representatives that I could take shots of whatever I wanted.

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