Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Color Efex Pro 4 for $84.96–Save 15%

Coupon Code RMARTINSEN saves 15% off Nik Software products including Nik Software’s all new Color Efex Pro 4 (preview) which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND (see my review)! Here’s a snapshot of the cart with the coupon code applied for the upgrade (previous product ID from 2 or 3 required):

Color Efex Pro for only $84.96 with coupon code RMARTINSEN

If you don’t don’t qualify for the upgrade then save $29.99 with my RMARTINSEN code for one of the best plug-ins on the market (see my Which Plug-In Should I Buy? article):

Save $29.99 with coupon code RMARTINSEN

Click Here to order!

What’s New?

Learn what’s new here on this cool page that shows off all 55 filters:

and see my Color Efex review with videos!


We both get a great deal when you use my code – you save 15% and I may get a commission. Thanks for supporting this blog by using my code!

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