Monday, September 26, 2011

Photo Thoughts: Having Fun with PhotoFrame

Click to fully appreciate this shot- Copyright Ron Martinsen - All Rights Reserved
Click to fully appreciate this shot
Copyright Ron Martinsen - All Rights Reserved

One plug-in that I don’t talk about much, but I really love is onOne Software’s PhotoFrame. It’s one of the products included in Perfect Photo Suite 6 and it can be really fun to use sometimes.

In the photo above I selected 4 snapshots in Lightroom 3.4.1 and chose “Edit In | Open as Layers in Photoshop” feature to create a single PSD. I then moved the images so they were all side by side. I then merged the layers to clean up the noise with Noiseware and used Color Efex Pro 4’s Tonal Contrast filter to give the image more punch. Finally I used PhotoFrame by onOne Software to add the film frame and I did a copy and paste 3 times of the edge of the frame to create separators.

Here’s what my layers palette looked like:


It’s a pretty simple edit, but it takes some pretty poorly shot individual frames and makes one fun frame that’s a little more easy to forgive than if they were stand alone shots.

This shot is for me and my family so it’s all about having fun with family snapshots. I encourage you to play with PhotoFrame (review). The latest version is much more stable than older versions – especially in 64-bit.  If you’ve tried it before and been frustrated, I’d encourage you to try it again. If you decide to get it, then consider saving more by getting the bundle, and don’t forget to use my discount coupon code page to save even more.

Here’s another fun frame I really enjoy using (found in the Presets by Jack Davis – Paper):

Kyoto Golden Temple (金閣寺) – Copyright © Ron Martinsen – All Rights Reserved
Kyoto Golden Temple (金閣寺) – Copyright © Ron Martinsen – All Rights Reserved


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