Tuesday, April 30, 2013

TUTORIAL: Using Nik Software Color Efex Pro 4 & Special Offer

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Color Efex Pro 4 – The right panel is where things get very interesting
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Here are three videos that I did when I was first reviewing Color Efex 4 just before it was released to the public. It shows you what you can do with Color Efex 4:

Play in HD

Play in HD

Play in HD

Hopefully you enjoyed seeing what is possible with the Nik Collection by Google.

Before and After Images

Here’s a few images featured in the videos where you can see the before image and mouse out to see the after image.

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Black & White Model Before

Black & White Model After

Seattle Sunset Before

Seattle Sunset After

Outdoor Model Before

Outdoor Model After

See the videos for more details about the filters used. Keep in mind these are subjective results which you can adjust to suit your taste. Given more time I would probably do some things differently. The important takeaway are the powerful tools you have at your disposal in the Nik Collection by Google.

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Scott O. said...

Ron, THANK YOU for the videos. I have been a user of Color Efex Pro 3 Complete for 2.5 years, and still learned a lot of new ideas and techniques form your vids!

Also wanted to say THANKS for the promo code. It even worked on my upgrade price as well :~)

Ian Ludwig said...

Thanks for the preview. I grabbed your coupon and picked up myself an upgrade. All I can say on the 4 is wow, I love it so far.