Friday, May 11, 2012

Photographing Kids Workshop

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Let’s face it, photographing kids can be tough. The little buggers don’t stay still for two seconds, so you have to have all the skills and equipment of a sports photographer to stand a right chance! Or do you?

Copyright Gary Parker – All Rights Reserved

My good friend Gary Parker is a fantastic people photographer because he breaks all the “rules” and just gets great shots – again and again. When I do it, I occasionally get lucky but it sure is hard! Having good equipment helps, but it seems like the stars really need to align to get a great shot.

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Are you tired of the same old boring shots? Would you like to start getting better shots of your kids?

Copyright Ron Martinsen – All Rights Reserved

If so, join me and Gary Parker at our workshop on May 26th where we’ll show you some techniques on how to get great photos of people – including kids. We’ll have both an adult and child model on hand to show you the challenges you face in the real world, but we’ll show you how to persevere to get the great shot!

Click here to learn more about our workshop and sign up for the last couple remaining spots!

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