There’s a lot of content on this site that isn’t as easy to discover as I would like, so I’ve decided to finally write a article that is a bit of road map about what is here. Since I’ll be offline a bit due to the imminent birth of my son, let this act as a “best of” article for those of you who may not have already discovered some of the goodness here.

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How this blog works

For a couple of years I was a co-leader of a popular photography that grew to 2500 members at the company I work for. This blog started as a way for me to capture frequently written emails (i.e., which camera should I buy) into a format that I could link people to when common questions repeated themselves.

This blog has grown beyond that into a side business (yes, this is not a non-profit) for me. I create content based on my experiences with products, and then I work with companies to offer my readers a discount which in turn offers me a small commission. I ask that if you find the article to be useful that you use my links when ordering as a way to say thank you for the content. You might find others who offer greater discounts which might result in a lower price, but I would appreciate it if you showed your appreciation by using my links.

If you can find a better deal or can’t use my links for any reason then I’d appreciate it if you could at least offer a small donation in an amount you feel comfortable with (no amount too small) as your way of saying thanks for the content. As long as this blog generates revenue I will work hard to provide new content.

If there is a subject, product, or book that you would like to see reviewed, I’m happy to hear your suggestions. Just send an email to and I’ll add it to my queue of reviews. I’m also available for hire as a photographer and instructor at the same address.

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Ron’s Other Blog

Occasionally I’ll discuss thoughts and shot details on select photos on my Photo blog at

Top Articles

These are the articles that I hope every visitor to this blog will take time to read. You can find them in the right hand column of the blog under the section entitled Most Popular Blog Articles.

Gear Reviews

In addition to books I have reviewed over 25+ photography related products (i.e., backpacks, loupes, hard drives, flash modifiers, cameras and more) made for Photographers. For a complete and up to date list of gear reviews, please check the right column of this blog and scroll to the section entitled Gear Reviews.

Software Reviews

In addition to books I have reviewed over 35+ software products made for Photographers. For a complete and up to date list of software reviews, please check the right column of this blog and scroll to the section entitled Software Reviews.

Book Reviews

I’ve read and reviewed a lot of books, so before you put your hard earned money down for a book you can see what I think. For photography my Which books should I read? article is a good place to start, and for Photoshop my What Photoshop books should I read? article is a must read.

For a complete and up to date list of book reviews, please check the right column of this blog and scroll to the section entitled Book & DVD Review List

Services & Training

For a complete and up to date list of service and training reviews, please check the right column of this blog and scroll to the section entitled Service Reviews


There’s also a few decent articles that don’t fall into any of the categories above, so here’s a list of other miscellaneous articles you might enjoy:

  1. Advanced Smugmug Customization by Barb Gates
  2. Camera Insurance - Don't Leave Home Without It
  3. The Digital Reflector – the solution to dark faces on bright backgrounds
  4. Cloning- Good or Bad?
  5. Comparing Macro Lenses (a.k.a., why I suck at macros)
  6. Got focus problems- Try this
  7. Having fun with Photography
  8. How to help others take better pictures
  9. How to use a Tilt-Shift lens
  10. sRAW a new alternative for Sports Photography

There’s many more buried in the archives as well. I’d love to index them here but simply don’t have time (volunteers?)


I’ve been fortunate to talk to some of the great photographers in the world today, and I’ve shared my notes from my discussions:

You can also visit my top photographers article for more.


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Where to find more archived articles?

This article isn’t a comprehensive list. You can find much more archived articles in the “View my Previous Post” section on the blog below the donate button as shown here:


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