Saturday, August 25, 2012

UPDATED: B&H Offers Photoshop CS6 for $400 Off–only $249.95 (FULL VERSION) until August 28th (EXPIRED)


B&H has informed me that they are offering a special UNADVERTISED ON THEIR WEB SITE deal for Adobe Photoshop CS6 for Windows OR Mac for only $249.95 (after a $400 one-time use promo code is sent after the purchase). I don’t really get this offer but I suspect it has to do with the rules around minimum advertised pricing regulations.

To take advantage of this offer you must buy ONE of the following qualifying products to get the $400 off coupon code for Photoshop CS6 mailed to you within 72 hours of your purchase (click links to order):

If you have already purchased one of these from B&H, then simply send their customer service department an email and a link to this blog article and they will send you the coupon code within 72 hours.


BE SURE TO to click here to order save big on Photoshop CS6 after you get your coupon code. You MUST use the coupon code BEFORE it expires on August 31st, 2012.

B&H doesn’t mention this on their website, how do I know this is legit?

To help the skeptics who may think this is a scam, I encourage you to contact B&H customer service. They will confirm that this is a legitimate offer despite it not being mentioned anywhere on their web site. Here’s also the exact email that B&H sent me with the updated details of this offer:



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Unknown said...

On their website they have the un-helpful comment, "Please note: Online ordering is unavailable until Saturday 9:00 PM EDT. Feel free to browse our site and add items to your cart or wishlist. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patronage." said...

It's a devout Orthodox Jewish business so they close for the Sabbith. They reopen afterwards.

Anonymous said...

It reads to me like if you buy one full price they give you a discount code for a second copy... said...

I think that is incorrect - I think you buy one and then you get a rebate, but I'll clarify as soon as I hear back from b&h

Eric said...

You have to purchase either Lightroom or Photoshop Express/Premier combo. They then send you the code for $400 off. I ended up going through the Video Guys for the $249 deal without any of the mumbo jumbo since I already have Lightroom.

Eric said...

The B&H deal is if you buy Lightroom and/or Photoshop Express/Premier combo. They will send you a code to get Photoshop for $249. I went through the video guys for the $249 deal without any of the mumbo jumbo since I already own Lightroom.

jimz-mtz said...

I called B&H and told them about the offer that Ron mentioned they honored the offer right away..No need for a rebate...i also got $50 off lightroom 4 total was $317 no TAX...THANKS RON M!!!

toonman said...

It's a legit offer, I received the email directly from b&h given that I had bought Lightroom from them earlier this year. I've already ordered & got the $400 saving.