Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Olympus E-P3 Bundle–Save $400

Adorama has a hot deal right now where you can pick up the E-P3 with a lens, camera bag, and 8GB SDHC for $400 off the $899 retail price.

Click here to take a look at this $499 kit and get free shipping!

This is a DPReview Silver Award winning camera that has been discontinued, so this is a closeout deal.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

I agree with the focus issues. After thousands of pix taken, the camera is sweet for landscapes. Just killer! Action shots of kids in a dim light? You will get artsy shots as it can't focus fast enough. Close ups? Tricky. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose but don't know its not quite focused until you enlarge the pix on your PC.

I've resorted to using an RX100 for the kids and close ups. Panoramic pix are incredible. Camera is a bit overpriced to begin with, as you noted earlier. What Sony should do is offer up a version with quicker focus. Also, if there was another version with the Zeiss 85mm lens it would be a mind blowing portrait camera.

I have not noticed any Chromatic abberations. Colors are rich. Pix are great when lighting is good and incredible when focusing is spot on and composition is done right.

We have a 60x40 inch picture on living room wall from one shot at Bryce Canyon. By now I have many many more gorgeous shots from this camera. The biggest expense now is paying for enlargements! So many it is difficult to choose from as thete is just so much cash to go around.

For everyday use though the Rx100 is more than adequate. By now easily 30,000+ pix from it alone. Maybe 10,000 from the RX1 which is for special occasions. The RX100 is more pocketable and great for reconnisance. Then I can go back to the same location with the RX1 later if I want. This is what works for me.