Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Learn Lighting from a Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer for dirt cheap!

Gary Parker's Swamp Dog Photography Workshops
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Photography legend, Gary Parker, has launch a new web site for his all-new workshop series that begins this week! This master of light will teach you how to light anything using natural light, studio lights, or even a flash light or candle! Gary has over 35 years experience as a commercial photographer and photojournalist so he knows how to get great light in ANY situation – IN A HURRY!

If I lived in the bay area, I’d be at his workshop sitting on the front row this week as NOBODY I’ve met has more to offer about how to get great images on the fly than Gary Parker.

Gary has been my mentor for years, but I pale in comparison to some of the great photographers he has trained over the years. He’s the REAL Canon equivalent of Joe McNally and he has a resume that holds up to the who’s who of the best photographers in the world. If you haven’t ever heard of Gary that’s because he’s been out shooting as a real photographer instead of telling the world what a great photographer he is – his work and resume speak for themselves!

If you want to learn from the best for prices that are dirt cheap for someone with this level of expertise then I’d urge you to check out Gary’s site and reserve your spot before his remaining sessions sell out!

Visit http://www.swampdogphotographyworkshops.com/ for more info.

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