Wednesday, June 24, 2015

REVIEW: Darling by Jerry Ghionis

Darling by Jerry Ghionis

Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of photo books that celebrate the work of photographers. However, I saw this book at WPPI in Las Vegas this past March and it drew me in. At 16 x 10 x 2 in and weighing in at 5 lbs, this is a substantial book with high quality prints that are often both mesmerizing and inspiring.

Darling celebrates the work of master photographer Jerry Ghionis

Simply put, if you are going to do a portfolio book this is a good example of how it should be done. What’s more, this is a book that will hook you with the images and I think inspire you when your running short on ideas. This is why I’m giving it a rare “recommended” rating for a book of this class because honestly I think people will love it.

Here’s a short promo video for the book to give you a peek inside:

Westcott Ice Light

Westcott Ice Light 5500
Westcott Ice Light 5500

You may have noticed in the video or elsewhere that Jerry’s a big fan of the Westcott Ice Light. These are pretty neat handheld LED lights that only weigh a little over a pound yet can run up to an hour on a battery. It’s pretty cool for location shoots. Click the image above to learn more.

Click photo to learn about Jerry’s
Westcott Ice Light 5500 on Amazon


This book isn’t cheap so it isn’t going to be for everyone, but for those who appreciate wedding and boudoir photography the images are sure to get your creative juices flowing again.

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